I grew up in Rochester, NY and my father worked at Kodak so naturally I was well photographed as a child. My first camera was a hand-me down from my brother that used those rotating flash bulbs that had to be replaced after each firing, and my second camera was a Kodak disc camera – quite an upgrade at the time! I have been taking pictures ever since and I now thoroughly enjoy the age of digital SLR cameras which provide the opportunity to experiment without all the photo processing expense.

I work as a software engineer full time so my photography is more of a passion than a profession. In recent years I started branching out into wedding photography for friends and family that either were having less formal events or could not afford a professional full-time photographer. I had a lot of fun, gained a lot of experience, and received enough positive feedback that I decided to put together a portfolio and offer my services to others. I have since photographed a number of weddings and a Bat Mitvah with positive feedback from my clients thus far.

In addition to wedding photography I really enjoy outdoor photography and the challenge of wildlife photography. When my wife and I go on vacation I usually drag the camera along too take advantage of the scenery.

Be sure to go see my online portfolio at http://www.markfosterphotography.com.

-Mark Foster